We facilitate
for increased patient participation

We facilitate
for increased patient participation

Now the patient can take greater control over their medical history and symptoms, and share their important health information with their therapist - before the appointment.
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Faster and better diagnostics

Our intelligent anamnesis tool ensures that the therapist gets a good overview and understanding of the patient's symptoms and complaints before the appointment. The therapist can use this information to plan further diagnostics and treatment.
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Underlying diseases and medication use can cause unwanted events in connection with treatment. The patient can easily communicate his state of health digitally before the appointment so that the therapist can plan the treatment better and take the necessary precautions.
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patient safety

Medicue's digital platform gives the practitioner comprehensive knowledge of the patient before the appointment. This enables an individually adapted examination and treatment course and higher patient safety.
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"We facilitate good communication"

Around 50% of the patient's concerns are not picked up during a consultation.
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