Boost Patient Participation. Optimize Healthcare.

Medicue®'s unique toolkit is designed to enhance interactions between patients and healthcare professionals.

Welcome to our scalable, cloud-based SaaS platform.

One Platform, Multiple Perspectives

Medicue facilitates an efficient workflow - before, during and after the consultation

Empower Patient Participation

Patients can participate and take ownership of their own patient journey by sharing information - from pre-appointment to post diagnosis follow-up. This leads to better preparation and tailored care, resulting in improved patient safety, satisfaction, and follow-up, while giving patients ownership of their data.

Streamline Clinician Workflows

With Medicue the clinician has access to unique toolkit for improving the understanding of patient needs, increasing efficiency, and enhancing the quality of work. This ensures higher patient safety, improved patient satisfaction, precise diagnostics, comprehensive consultation records, accurate answers, and greater patient engagement and involvement.

Transform Your Clinic

Medicue provide the clinic with valuable insight helping it to improve the quality of their services, reduce administrative time and waiting lists, develop greater trust whilst reducing cost and improving patient safety and loyalty.

Improving Public Health together

Improving public health through insight and analytics for research purposes, Medicue® enables faster and easier identification of important health problems, reducing wasted health spending.

Trusted by the ones people trust.

Hear from healthcare professionals and patients who have benefited from Medicue's solutions.

"We could see twice as many patients per day"

UK Hearing Clinic

"The value of Medicue is significant. We definitely gain greater insights into patients' histories through the platform.

This leads to more accurate medical examinations."

Optical Clinic Owner

"We save 5-8 minutes per consultation"

Market-Leading Optical Chain

"Medicue has contributed to making the dental visit even more inclusive experience for the patients."

Dental Clinic Owner

"User friendliness of Medicue is 10 out of 10"

Clinic Owner

"We are impressed with how Medicue's unique solutions can help us provide better services for our patients and our employees"

Nordic Optical Chain

Sometimes my eyes flashes...
I struggle with my contact lenses...
I have bad breath...
... I have stomach pain
... Do I need glasses...?
I am on a new medication...

Did you know?

Around 50% of the patient's concerns go unrecognized during a consultation (1

1.) Harald Sundby, Njål Flem Mæland, Handbook of Clinical Communication, General Practitioner Library, Norwegian Association of General Practice

See the full picture

Medicue® makes patient communication easier for all parties. Find the right cues to get the full picture.

powerful features helps you

Optimize Healthcare with

Improved patient flow

Reduced costs

Reduced waiting lists

Improved quality

Improved patient safety and satisfaction

Features for

The Patient

The Patient is allowed to participate and take greater ownership of the patient journey - from pre-appointment to post diagnosis follow-up.

Intelligent Questionnaires

Medicue provides intelligent questionnaires that are dynamically built based on the patient's history, age and gender etc., and input from the patient. In this way, the questionnaires will only ask questions relevant to the patient.

Patient Education

The Medicue workflow ensures that the patient can prepare prior to the appointment with video tours or written material explaining medical procedures, and receive relevant information after the consultation or as part of a follow-up plan.

Automatic Patient Follow-Up

With Medicue, you can create automated follow-up plans that are tailored to the patient. Follow-up plans can be health diaries, health tests, or follow-up to ensure compliance with medication or medical aids.

Home Monitoring

As part of the patient follow-up, Medicue provides home monitoring of patients. Medicue integrates with digital and analog diagnostic tools and devices and offers a range of health diaries for monitoring the patients at home.

Increased Patient Safety

All patient provided information is analyzed by Medicue and important information will be flagged with different color codes based on the rules defined for your clinic. Alert routines can be established to notify clinicians if there are patients that need attention.

Patient Analytics and Timeline

Medicue is collecting both subjective and objective data provided by the patient and/or devices. This data can e.g. be used for calculating scores that in turn is used for understanding the patient's development over time, see effects of treatment etc.


Medicue provides functionality for obtaining a range of consents from the patients. Examples are GDPR, consents for participating in research studies or clinical trials, collecting health information from other healthcare providers etc. All digital, of course.


Medicue is reducing the language barriers by offering questionnaires and follow-up plans in different languages. The patients can provide information in their own language, and the clinicians can read the provided information in their language.

Features for

The Clinician and
The Clinic

The Clinician will have access to a unique toolkit for better understanding the patient's needs, create tailor made follow-up plans, improve communication and ensure higher patient safety.

The Clinic will get valuable insight helping it to improve the quality of their services, reduce administrative time and waiting lists, develop greater trust whilst reducing cost and improving patient safety and loyalty.

Prepare for the Consultation

Research indicates that in nearly 50% of consultations between patients and healthcare professionals, there is a disagreement on the primary issue. By gathering information from the patient before the consultation, clinicians can gain a better understanding of the patient's problems and needs.

Identifying Patient Needs

Some healthcare providers offer not only clinical services but also products and aids. Medicue assists in identifying the patient's needs and can generate suggestions for suitable products. This information helps commercial healthcare providers find the best products for their patients.

Follow-Up Actions

Certain symptoms or medical conditions require the health care professionals to document follow-up actions. Medicue can be used raise the quality bar by guiding the clinicians to carefully evaluate and document the actions to be taken for the individual patient.

Auto-Generated Medical Notes

Medicue can help you save time and improve the quality of the consultation by generating anamnesis text and medical notes based on provided information from the patient and the clinician.

Auto-Generated Referral Texts

Medicue can help increase the quality of referrals by automatically generating text for use in patient referrals.

Patient Screening

Medicue enables you to be proactive by screening your patients in various ways, ensuring the right treatment is provided to the right patient at the right time

Patient Feedback

Medicue offers a powerful feedback mechanism that analyzes patient-provided feedback in conjunction with all other information the patient has shared. By using our patient feedback module, your clinic can measure patient satisfaction across specific patient groups, symptoms, services, or medical histories.

Send and Request Documentation

The clinic may need to send or request documentation electronically from patients. With Medicue, you can easily and securely exchange documentation with your patients

Connectivity between Clinics

Using Medicue you can communicate with other clinics and securely exchange information about your "shared" patients to ensure a seamless experience for you, your healthcare partners, and your patients.

User Surveys

Medicue's mission is to create world-class healthcare solutions and to help your clinic achieve the same. With the built-in user surveys, you can regularly collect information from your patients and staff to continuously improve your services.

Integrated with medication databases

Medicue is integrated with various medication databases to support easy medication searches and look-up.

Role Based access

Medicue supports different user roles and access levels, allowing clinics to grant access to clinicians, nurses, assistants, receptionists, and other staff. Each user role will only have access to data relevant to their responsibilities.

Valuable Insight with Dashboards

Medicue offers deep insights into patient demographics, needs, and reasons for visits, identifying trends and patterns both at individual clinics and across the entire enterprise.


All patient facing functionality in Medicue can be branded to comply with your branding strategy.

We'll help you connect the dots

Combine our features to streamline your patient journey

The example below showcases how the different features can be utilized for streamlining the patient journey

Booking the appointment

Insert the link or QR code to the Medicue patient reporting in the appointment confirmation or reminder from your booking system.

Patient reporting

The patient reports symptoms, medical history, medications and other relevant information prior to the appointment. This helps preparing both the patient and the clinician.

Prepare the patient

We believe that to achieve the highest quality in consultations, it is crucial to prepare the patient in advance. Medicue facilitates this by providing relevant information, including written materials and explanatory videos, to the patient.

The consultation

Prior to meeting the patient, the clinician reviews the patient report. A prepared clinician and a prepared patient lead to higher quality consultations, resulting in improved patient safety and increased patient satisfaction.

Medicue offers various features that enhance quality and efficiency, such as suggested medical notes, which save the clinician time.

Patient education

During the consultation, a diagnosis might be made, or the patient may need information about certain medical conditions or medications. Medicue can suggest relevant quality information, either written material, web links or videos, that the clinician can electronically send to the patient.

Patient follow-up

Medicue can help you follow up with your patients for both short and long-term periods. With Medicue's tailor-made follow-up plans, you can create individualized and automated follow-up schedules for all your patients.

The patient can easily report information, and you can follow the patient's development over time.

Data collection

Each step throughout the patient journey collects valuable data that can be used for quality improvement or research purposes.

This data will help you better understand who your patients are, why they are coming for the appointment, which needs they have and what they would like more information about.

Medicue can help you and your clinic

Improving patient communication and involvement provides higher quality care.

Person-Centered Care

Behind every patient meeting, there's a human story.

Uncover the stories behind every patient. Strengthen the relationship between patient and clinician. This is how Medicue facilitates a person-centered care approach.

Our Solutions

A medical ecosystem facilitating patient communication and patient engagement in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.



For Optometrists and Ophthalmologists

Medicue Eye is tailor-made for opticians and ophthalmologists, offering features that address both clinical and commercial needs.

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For dentists and dental hygienists

By using Medicue Dental in your dental practice, you will always be up to date on your patients' health and medication use.

See more



For pulmonologists and respiratory therapists

Medicue Lung offers powerful features for following up with patients who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other lung-related conditions. Follow-ups can be conducted in the clinic or through home monitoring

See more



For audiologists and hearing specialists

Medicue Hearing offers powerful features tailor-made for audiology clinics. Medicue can help screen patients prior to ear wax removal services and provide automated follow-ups to ensure compliance with hearing aids.

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For General Practices, Primary Care Clinics and Surgeries

Medicue GP is a comprehensive tool that covers various healthcare areas in one platform. It is tailor-made for general practices, surgeries, and primary care clinics.

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Medicue Analytics allows you to delve deeply into patient data at the individual, clinical, or enterprise level. It helps you understand who your patients are, why they are coming, their needs, and what information they seek. This insight enables you to improve your services, work more efficiently, and reduce costs.

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Medicue Research can be utilized for research purposes within your organization or by research institutions, hospitals, or universities you collaborate with. By providing data for important research, you can help improve public health and gain credibility.

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Clinical Trials

For researchers and medical equipment manufacturers

Are you planning a clinical trial or study? Medicue can be the partner you are looking for. Medicue for Clinical Trials helps you easily enroll patients and collect the data you need.

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Our Vision

We are continuously developing our plaform to stay in the forefront

"We believe in a future where every interaction between patients and healthcare professionals are seamless, precise and profoundly impactful."

The Medicue® Ecosystem

User-friendly, flexible and
scalable software platform

Regardless of the healthcare area you operate in, Medicue is designed to scale with everyone in mind, always prioritizing the creation of better patient meetings.

A Cloud-Based
‍SaaS Solution

Built with state-of-the-art technology

Designed for Multiple healthcare Verticals

The Medicue platform is safe and flexible and can be used within a number of healtcare areas.

Scalable and Easy to Integrate with

Medicue is built to scale in a global healthcare market, and easily be integrated with other medical software or hardware.

Developed for a Global Healthcare Market

Medicue is designed for the global healthcare market and to address global healthcare challenges. With our powerful multilingual features, everyone can benefit from Medicue, regardless of language, culture, or ethnicity.

Integrating with Medicue

How Medicue can help streamline your practice management system

Medicue is built with integrations in mind. If you are developing a Practice Management System (PMS), an Electronic Health Record system (EHR), or other medical software or hardware, you can integrate to benefit from parts or the entirety of the Medicue software ecosystem.

We offer third-party software or hardware integrations in various ways, and we also offer a white-labeling option.

White label

Use Medicue as a complete white-labeled solution and seamlessly integrate our features into your system, customized with your look and feel.


Medicue offers well-documented and modern APIs for integration. You can cherry-pick the features you need to streamline your system, or utilize our entire suite of features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our digital health solutions.

What is Medicue?

Medicue is a digital health solutions provider that aims to deliver optimal healthcare by boosting patient participation. Our people-centered care solutions are designed for a multitude of healthcare areas.

How does it work?

Medicue works by leveraging technology to enhance patient engagement and improve healthcare outcomes, on the patient level, on the clinic level and on a public health level. Our solutions enable healthcare professionals to connect with patients, provide personalized care, and empower individuals to take an active role in managing their health.

Is it secure?

Yes, security is a top priority at Medicue. We implement robust measures to protect patient data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations. Our platform is built with advanced encryption and authentication protocols to safeguard sensitive information.

How can I get started?

Getting started with Medicue is easy. Simply contact us to schedule a demo or request more information. Our team will guide you through the onboarding process and provide ongoing support to help you maximize the benefits of our digital health solutions.

Can I integrate it?

Absolutely! Medicue offers seamless integration with existing healthcare systems and software. Our flexible APIs and interoperability capabilities enable smooth data exchange and collaboration between different platforms, ensuring a streamlined workflow for healthcare providers.


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