Medicue are proud to support the fantastic work of "Sykehusklovnene"!

Speaking fee donated to "Sykehusklovnene".


Before speaking at the Specsavers Clinical Conference 2023 in Copenhagen, Dr. Jon Olav Hunderi decided to donate his fee to "sykehusklovnene".

"Sykehusklovnene are a group of professional actors specialized in working with children in Norwegian hospitals. The clowns spread joy to children and families in an otherwise demanding life situation."

To makes things even better, both Medicue and Specsavers embraced this initiative and matched the donation from Dr. Jon Olav Hunderi!

Thanks to Specsavers for the oppurtunity.

Huge thanks to Sykehusklovnene for the important work you are doing!

If you would like to donate as well, please visit link below. Thanks in advance.

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