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Medicue® Eye

By using Medicue Eye in your optician's shop, you will always be up to date on your patients' health and needs.
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Be extra well prepared in the meeting with the patient.

We arrange for you to have comprehensive knowledge of the patient before the eye examination, so that you and your colleagues are well prepared for the meeting with the patient.

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Better and more efficient consultation for both patient and optician
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Increased accuracy and more efficient diagnostics
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Higher professionalism
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Increased patient safety 
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Increased compliance with proposed treatment
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Prevents complaints

We help you to
increase patient satisfaction

We help you to
increase patient satisfaction

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This is how Medicue Eye works


Before the appointment

Along with the appointment call via SMS and appointment reminder via SMS, the patient receives a link to the Medicue patient platform under your clinic.
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The patient logs in via BankID *
*The login method with the highest level of security.

If the patient does not have a BankID or filling it out is difficult, we have alternative solutions for use in the clinic.


Smart self-reporting

Using Medicue smart technology, we help the patient report their complaints, important health information and eye needs.
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Simple and clear

The solution is cloud-based. The patient information is made available in the treatment portal of your clinic. Here, the patient's therapist can gain better knowledge about the patient before the appointment in a simple and clear way.


Patient analysis

In Medicue Analytics, you have the opportunity to examine various relationships and follow the patient over time.
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Create a better relationship between patient and optician

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Cloud-based solution. Smooth and quick onboarding.
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The patient reports their health information directly to you.
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Full overview with Medicue Analytics.
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Simple and safe collection of consents.
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We optimize the optician's patient flow and increase patient satisfaction - every day!

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