About Medicue®

We facilitate
for increased patient participation

We want to create a better healthcare system with increased patient participation

We combine medical expertise with technological intelligence to optimize communication between patient and practitioner.
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Optimization of communication

Medicue is a health technology company that specializes in patient communication and patient involvement in diagnostics, treatment and follow-up.
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Faster and more precise diagnosis
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More effective consultations
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Increased patient safety
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Better patient experience
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Important tool in the healthcare system of the future

In collaboration with the best professionals, experts in medical communication and technological developers, we create smart technology that will be an important tool in the healthcare system of the future.

Our digital platform is designed for research and internal quality work in the individual clinic. We also facilitate overall professional management and follow-up.

The company's founders

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Jon Olav Gjengstø Hunderi

Dr. Hunderi is a physician, specialist in children's diseases and has a doctorate (PhD) from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo.
Dr. Hunderi works as a senior physician in pulmonary and allergic diseases at the Children's Department, Østfold Hospital and at Geilomo Children's Hospital, Oslo University Hospital. He is also section chief for the children's outpatient clinic at Østfold Hospital.

Dr. Hunderi has been chairman of the Norwegian Association for Allergology and Immunopathology (NFAI) (2018-2021) and is a medical consultant at Dr. FÜRST medical laboratories.

Eivind Andre Larsen

Larsen holds a Bachelor of Computer Science (BSc.) together with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.
Larsen is a trained computer engineer specializing in intelligent software, and also has a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA). Larsen has more than 20 years of experience in developing and marketing software solutions in a global market, and has solid experience from various aspects within software development: from programming and director of the development department to COO, CEO and board work.

Larsen started as an entrepreneur in 2007 when he helped start Synergy SKY, and has contributed greatly to building an organization with impressive growth, many international customers (including dozens of Fortune 500 companies), PR and publicity in national and international media and satisfied employees.
Black/white portrait of Eivind Andre Larsen on a blue-green background
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Broad professional expertise

The company's founders, in collaboration with Medicue's development team and professional expertise in Medical advisory boards , ensure that Medicue delivers solutions with the highest technological and medical standard.

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We are developing the healthcare services of the future in collaboration with Innovation Norway

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